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Contrast - City vs. Country

Posted by
Jason Kravitz (Brussels, Belgium) on 18 April 2012 in Lifestyle & Culture.

We've been moving house the last few days - always a challenge. We've been loving the open spaces and country air of our new home. The dog digs the yard too. We traded cars and motorcycles zooming through the streets for horses and sheep grazing peacefully in nearby pastures.

Here's a Two Sense tribute before and after image of the movers packing up the city house and unloading at our new home.

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Olivier from Manage, Belgium

An new life for you?

18 Apr 2012 5:55pm

@Olivier: yes - enjoying the Flemish countryside

L'Angevine from Angers, France

ah les sacrés déménagements pas facile mais on est ensuite content de sa nouvelle maison

18 Apr 2012 6:13pm

@L'Angevine: oui ! tres content avec le nouvelle maison :)

Dokmateo from Madrid, Spain

A very nice shot! Thought it was Ronnie and Lily =) Goodluck on your new home! All the best wishes! Cheers!

18 Apr 2012 9:24pm

@Dokmateo: thanks !

Baldwin VW from Bejuma, Venezuela

Living in the country has some disadvantages but mostly it is much better and more peaceful than the city, my own experience ;-)) Enjoy your new home !!!

18 Apr 2012 10:33pm

@Baldwin VW: thanks for the tip - I'm curious what disadvantages you are thinking... fortunately Belgium is a small country so even being "in the country" here is still not too far from the city :)

Steve Rice from Olympia, United States

I like the magic carpet effect. Enjoy your new home.

19 Apr 2012 2:38am

@Steve Rice: thanks Steve

Maria from California, United States

So I'm not the only one who prefers cows, sheep, and grass, versus cars, motorcycles and asphalt!
Though I was born and raised in a large city, for some reason, there is cow blood running through my veins!
I hope to return in my future life as a cow in the Alps :)
Will the Aminus3 servers reside there too? In the last couple of days AM3 pages load very slow for me, but I hope it's a different reason. (or maybe one of the disadvantages Baldwin is talking about?)
Your new front yard view it's gorgeous! and you got a hill on the left side too, just for better compositions of your 365 sunsets (or sunrises)/year shots.....Heaven to dogie, too!
How exciting, I'm very happy for you....Congratulations!
I hope you will enjoy your new home, and l'm looking forward to more photos of your new area.

19 Apr 2012 4:17pm

@Maria: thanks Maria - I think a cow in the Alps sounds pretty good (although preferably dairy cow over rack of ribs cow!) hope the server is running more smoothly for you now - I'll adjust the coat hanger wires out in the garage ;-)

Maria from California, United States

I guess that's the main draw back of being a cow....you can never know what you will be used for.... :))
You did magic with the coat hanger wires, all fast and back to normal now!

19 Apr 2012 9:01pm

Magda from Vancouver, Canada

great presentation! Well done

24 Apr 2012 4:50am

the rickster from United States

I have never sen a mover with the lift in your picture..looks like the MODERN way to do things.

3 Aug 2012 11:26pm