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punk rock girl
23 March 2021

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converging realities
18 October 2019

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May Day
1 May 2019

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autumn harvest
10 October 2018

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listen to your heart
6 September 2018

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Summertime Rolls
22 May 2018

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that time of year
27 November 2017

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touring the old farm
24 November 2017

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Rochefort Abbey
10 October 2016

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angels and demons
18 April 2016

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two boats
3 May 2014

Recent Comments

omid on Mom won't let us go play
Lovely! L O V E L Y !!!!!

jpla on Mom won't let us go play

Gérard Flayol on Mom won't let us go play
Ah, their mother didn't get an answer to her question from the other day: Friend or Foe?! More fun ! Ah, their ...

Daryl Johnson on Mom won't let us go play
Wow, what a great capture, they seem almost tame.

Florence Maugendre on Mom won't let us go play
So great! Very good picture!

Anna Cherer on Mom won't let us go play
too cute ;-) excellent capture !

Ralf Kesper on Mom won't let us go play
This is sooo adorable :)

Henny on Mom won't let us go play
O my god this is so cute!! Nice timing Jason!

Siepi on Mom won't let us go play
Two little chaps upto some mischief ;-);-). Great capture!!

Willem on Crossfire
Beautiful bird silhouettes.

Annierita & Annisabelle on Crossfire
The guardians. Superb.

Vaido on Crossfire
Wonderful atmosphere, indeed. Great to have these silhouettes looking to the different sides like this...

Darkelf Photography on Crossfire
Great atmosphere! Whenever there is a shot like this in any fantasy series or movie, it usually heralds the coming of ...

Harry on Crossfire
the silhouetted birds are lovely against the cottony clouds

B. Thomas on Crossfire
Cool shot.

Steve Rice on Crossfire
Mice beware! Beautiful capture of these hunters.

omid on Crossfire
very nice shot! Amazing atmosphere & silhouettes.

Gérard Flayol on Crossfire
It is also true that a 400 mm is a prey too heavy for them .... :-)

Gérard Flayol on Crossfire
Watch out Jason, you are right in the middle of the line of sight!!! Well done and a bit worrying.

Florence on Crossfire
I love everything about this picture!

Le Krop on Crossfire
Admirable ! *****

rbassin on Crossfire
beau ce contre-jour

Ralf Kesper on Crossfire
Great silouettes!

Darkelf Photography on Not your darkest hour
Not quite just yet (at least one hopes for as long as there is a hint of light out there).

Elaine Hancock on Not your darkest hour
I love that last light in the sky. It has such a soft glow. Wonderful silhouettes of the trees. A beautiful composition.

B. Thomas on Not your darkest hour
It feels a little mysterious. One wonders if it is safe out there alone.

Steve Rice on Not your darkest hour
Beautiful silhouettes and that bit of red in the sky.

helys on Not your darkest hour

Existence Artistique on Not your darkest hour
super cette partie basse comme du feu

Gérard Flayol on Not your darkest hour
No, a beautiful red one for us !

Ralf Kesper on Not your darkest hour
Looks very mystic

Darkelf Photography on Lucy's Psychedelic Breakfast
Lovely and beautiful!

B. Thomas on Lucy's Psychedelic Breakfast
Lucy is so cute!

Steve Rice on Lucy's Psychedelic Breakfast
Lucy's a flashy dresser but, she's a no nonsense kind of girl. ;-)

Lougris on Lucy's Psychedelic Breakfast
portrait sympathique !

omid on Lucy's Psychedelic Breakfast
:) L O V E L Y !

Existence Artistique on Lucy's Psychedelic Breakfast

Florence Maugendre on Lucy's Psychedelic Breakfast
The title made me laugh so much. Lucy, motionless, is obviously somewhere else in her head. Thank you for sharing.

Ralf Kesper on Lucy's Psychedelic Breakfast
Lucy is so cute :)

: Helen : on Lucy's Psychedelic Breakfast
The combination of the photograph, Lucy's expression and the title made me a laugh today. Thanks Jason! We all ...

Gérard Flayol on Lucy's Psychedelic Breakfast
I prefer Lucy Liu, but it's a good portrait !!

Shaun on Lucy's Psychedelic Breakfast
Excellent look at Lucy.

Darkelf Photography on Friend or Foe?!
That's a fine and cool photo! Well spotted and very nicely focused through the gap. Good title too.

Steve Rice on Friend or Foe?!
The brave guard squirrel will not abandon his post! 5*

Existence Artistique on Friend or Foe?!
super la patte

Lougris on Friend or Foe?!
5* et mérite un spotlight cette magnifique image !! bravo

mo.langel on Friend or Foe?!
What a nice capture of the curious little squirrel! I like it!;-)

Shaun on Friend or Foe?!
Excellent capture.

Florence on Friend or Foe?!
What an attitude! Gorgeous sharpness. Excellent shot.

Darkelf Photography on Peaking Finch
Superb photo. Great technique to achieve excelelnt focus and sharpness. Love the colour and detail.

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