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January Morning
31 January 2018

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Saturn's gate
22 December 2017

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that time of year
27 November 2017

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touring the old farm
24 November 2017

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football hero
7 November 2017

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Film Noir
23 January 2017

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6 June 2016

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angels and demons
18 April 2016

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two boats
3 May 2014

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urban explorations
23 April 2014

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Tower to the skies.
27 February 2012

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Burger - Belgian Style
20 August 2011

Recent Comments

Steve Rice on Summertime Rolls
A beautiful capture of these fine characters.

Existence Artistique on Summertime Rolls

Martine Libouton on Summertime Rolls
Juste très beau ce contre jour !

Sam Ortallono on Summertime Rolls
The image is so clear that I just tried to wipe a dog hair off of my screen.

Joyce on Summertime Rolls
Oh what a sweet brilliant capture perfect of sun and dogs and splash of color at his feet, as though he is being ...

Luca Bobbiesi on Summertime Rolls
Wow great shot!

: Helen : on Herdershonds
What an interesting frame. I would never have considered cropping off heads and fingers, yet it works well. You have ...

AMIR BABA on Herdershonds

Steve Rice on Herdershonds
Beautiful shot of the dogs and their small human fan.

Existence Artistique on Herdershonds

Martine Libouton on Herdershonds
Une très belle scène j'aime

Sam Ortallono on Herdershonds
The perspective on the stones plays with my mind in a pleasant way.

Steve Rice on lady power
Very beautiful!

omid on lady power
very nice shot! Lovely moon.

Aubélia on lady power
Wonderful image.

Existence Artistique on lady power

Denny Jump on love and stella
Beautiful "Caption assemblage" , Beautiful image, Beautiful inspiration ;-)

Chetan on shy greeters

Steve Rice on love and stella
and love of stella! ;-)

omid on love and stella
:) such beautiful composition, focus, DOF & colors! Lovely!

Sam Ortallono on love and stella
The story is all there, it is like movie in one frame

Gérard on love and stella
Oh yes !! Each one finds the drunkenness where he can !!! Well seen and expressed !

ceteceva on meadow lark
Petit homme au milieu de la nature majestueuse !

ceteceva on love and stella
Contraste des rapprochements humains !

rem_la on love and stella
superbe composition

Ian Bramham on love and stella
poignant social commentary Jason.

Steve Rice on shy greeters
Cute encounter.

Existence Artistique on shy greeters

Sam Ortallono on shy greeters
The sunlight really defines the image of the little girl. Very nice.

Martine Libouton on shy greeters
Une très belle photo de rue ! Bravo 5*

omid on shy greeters
:) such beautiful composition, DOF & lights! L O V E L Y !

Denny Jump on shy greeters
This is Too Cute ;-)

Denny Jump on meadow lark
Oh Man This is an AWESOME Shot!!!

Steve Rice on meadow lark
Too cool! A splendid image.

Existence Artistique on meadow lark

Sam Ortallono on meadow lark
Very nice composition, so many ways to look at it, if that makes any sense to you.

Gérard on meadow lark
Male or female ????? Excellent shapes and human in earth !

Aubélia on meadow lark
Great work !

farNaaz50 on meadow lark
Interesting. The trees are going right , the human is going left !

Steve Rice on Dusty the Destroyer
Fantastic! This is an excellent image.

Existence Artistique on Dusty the Destroyer

Martine Libouton on Dusty the Destroyer
Je l'aime beaucoup avec ce contre jour cette photo !

Sam Ortallono on Dusty the Destroyer
I enjoy the sky in your photographs

farNaaz50 on Dusty the Destroyer
Alfred Hitchcock is here ! Nice .

Denny Jump on Dusty the Destroyer
Love this one ;-)

Chetan on tightrope
Terrific capture. The perspective is awesome.

Existence Artistique on tightrope

Steve Rice on tightrope
That's a tiny rope to walk on.

Sam Ortallono on tightrope
The hand evokes how intensely they are both focusing

Steve Rice on down the avenue
An excellent image with those tall trees lining this urban canyon.

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