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converging realities
18 October 2019

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May Day
1 May 2019

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autumn harvest
10 October 2018

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listen to your heart
6 September 2018

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Summertime Rolls
22 May 2018

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that time of year
27 November 2017

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touring the old farm
24 November 2017

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Rochefort Abbey
10 October 2016

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angels and demons
18 April 2016

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two boats
3 May 2014

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on crowd control

Florence on crowd control
Great capture!

Shaun on crowd control
Doing a fine job. Great capture.

Jolanda on crowd control
Great capture. Nice streetview. Looks long forgotten with the crowd in the background.

Ralf Kesper on crowd control
Probably strange, but I like Girls in uniforms :)))

Darkelf Photography on I know these things have passed you by
Fine portrait!

Maryse on I know these things have passed you by
Lorsque deux générations se rencontrent !!! Bonne soirée

Marjolein on I know these things have passed you by
A view with old and young

Olivier on I know these things have passed you by
excellent portraits...

Ana Lúcia on I know these things have passed you by
:) Funny portrait.

Andy Wilson on congregation (by the light of the moon)
5 Stars! and a moon ;)

Existence Artistique on I know these things have passed you by
un aliène vu leur regard

Jolanda on I know these things have passed you by
Funny picture, love the title.

Shaun on I know these things have passed you by
Great street capture.

Vaido on I know these things have passed you by
Very good street moment. Fits for "parallel worlds", too :)

Ralf Kesper on I know these things have passed you by
Good interactive street shot. Good taste of music.

Gérard on I know these things have passed you by
Ah, the dinosaur is not the one we think it is !

fateme@@ on down at flower rock
Very beautiful flowers.

fateme@@ on the bull
Oh, Ferdinand!

Michael Rawluk on parallel worlds
That is a super shot. I will have to give parallel worlds some thought.

Darkelf Photography on parallel worlds
I can see the idea and concept behind this photo and how it related to parallel worlds.

Gérard on parallel worlds
Why not .

Elaine Hancock on parallel worlds
This is a wonderful image. I think that it will be an interesting challenge.

Chantal B. on parallel worlds

Daryl Johnson on parallel worlds
What a great frame; painterly.

Daniel on parallel worlds
Magnifique !

Vaido on parallel worlds
"Parallel worlds" is a good idea, I think. From my archive, this photo comes to my mind...

Shaun on parallel worlds
A very nice composition.

Existence Artistique on parallel worlds
bien ces cotons

Ralf Kesper on parallel worlds
Very nice result.

Anna Cherer on parallel worlds
A nice natural composition ! It’s a good idea for a new challenge, I’ll think about it !

Jolanda on parallel worlds
Amazing and original

Gérard on parallel worlds
We can see it like this with the snow on the water lilies.

Darkelf Photography on the bull
Wow! He is a serious one, this one!

Michael Rawluk on the bull
I hope there was a barrier between he and you. he is one big boy. Very nice shot.

Paleblue Photography on the bull
He looks out of place in this pretty floral field! Great shot.

Ann Kravitz on the bull

omid on the bull
:) Amazing !!!!

Gérard on the bull
Depending on what we see just above these beautiful flowers, we can't go wrong: it's realy a male.

Siepi on the bull
Big bull in a nicely flowered meadow, not too scary so :-)

beach on the bull
Impressive bull.

Shaun on the bull
A superb look at this animal.

Jolanda on down at flower rock
Lovely view

Jolanda on the bull
Don't get the bull angry. Those horns look impressive.

Yves on the bull
Voilà une belle prise..... de risque, je ne m'y frotterais pas.

Existence Artistique on the bull
belles cornes

Ralf Kesper on the bull
Definitly. Huge horns and big balls.

Alan Creation on the bull
Voilà un beau spécimen.

Manav Singhi on down at flower rock
Good Shot, Have a Nice and Safe Day . . . :)

B. Thomas on down at flower rock
Lovely landscape. Please tell us where it is.

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