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punk rock girl
23 March 2021

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converging realities
18 October 2019

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May Day
1 May 2019

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autumn harvest
10 October 2018

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listen to your heart
6 September 2018

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Summertime Rolls
22 May 2018

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that time of year
27 November 2017

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touring the old farm
24 November 2017

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Rochefort Abbey
10 October 2016

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angels and demons
18 April 2016

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two boats
3 May 2014

Recent Comments

Mvdfotokraam on Drum Lines
What a very fine composition

B. Thomas on Drum Lines
Good idea and perfect title.

Gérard Flayol on Drum Lines
Good beat on this partition !

Devi on We Rule the School
Beautiful capture of the robins..Aw!! They are studying I suppose !!!!

Devi on Intersection
Nice to see that the road is empty :)))

Devi on Drum Lines
Nice to see that the song is Star Spangled Banner :)) Nice image :)))

Shaun on Drum Lines
Nice look at the music sheet Jason.

digitalCG on Roarin' 20's
'38 Ford by the looks, what a great hotrod. The flames are particularly well done.

Laurence D on Intersection
Belle scène de vie en N&B

Darkelf Photography on We Rule the School
Lovely image. They seem to rule the territory indeed.

Shaun on We Rule the School
A really nice image of these birds.

Florence on We Rule the School
Really nice to watch!

Ana Lúcia on We Rule the School

Daniel on We Rule the School
Sympa !

Darkelf Photography on Free Parking
Fine vintage collection.

Shaun on Free Parking
Some great cars to enjoy.

Gérard Flayol on Free Parking
This parking has to be well supervised with these expensive cars!

rem_la on Free Parking
elle me plait bien cette Ferrari ..................

Darkelf Photography on Roarin' 20's
Another great take on this superb looking hot rod. Wonderful photo.

B. Thomas on Roarin' 20's
Very cool, or should I say HOT car?!

Florence on Roarin' 20's
SO cool this!

Shaun on Roarin' 20's
A real beauty. Excellent find.

Gérard Flayol on Roarin' 20's
Yes, I remember this car, an other good "portrait" on this one !

mvdfotokraam on Roarin' 20's
This is really a beauty

Siepi on Roarin' 20's
Great compo: vintage with a capital V ;-)

Daniel on Roarin' 20's
Vroum Vroum !!!!!!!

Brian on Roarin' 20's
Brilliant image

Elaine Hancock on Blue Moon Black Friday
A gorgeous composition. A magnificent view of the moon over these beautiful rock formations. The color and detail is ...

Brian on Blue Moon Black Friday
I like this composition of the moon and rocks a great photo

Blikvanger on Blue Moon Black Friday
Nice scene, not BXL thus Oklahoma?

Daryl Johnson on Blue Moon Black Friday
Great job what a crisp daytime moon shot!

B. Thomas on Blue Moon Black Friday
Lovely moon shot with a pleasing foreground.

Mvdfotokraam on Blue Moon Black Friday
What a great view...this blue moon on black friday

fateme@@ on Giving Thanks
Amazing mood.

fateme@@ on Blue Moon Black Friday
Nice details.

Shaun on Blue Moon Black Friday
Great capture of the moon above the rocks.

Gérard Flayol on Blue Moon Black Friday
I don't have anything special to buy, but I'm saving this photo for the day!

Anne on Blue Moon Black Friday

Darkelf Photography on Giving Thanks
What a great atmosphere! Superb photo. Love the mist and the tones. Happy Thanksgiving Jason! On another note, you can ...

Anna Cherer on Giving Thanks
Superb atmosphere !

Elaine Hancock on Giving Thanks
Gorgeous color through the mist! Happy Thanksgiving. My son graduated from Penn State. This time of year, I dare not ...

B. Thomas on Giving Thanks
Beautiful foggy image.

Harry on Giving Thanks
the thick haze makes me think of nearby forest fires. I hope they are not the cause near you

Irene on Giving Thanks
I like this image !

Shaun on Giving Thanks
Excellent capture. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Vaido on Last Days of Autumn
Beautiful place for a walk.

Vaido on Giving Thanks
Great misty moment and wonderful tones! Do I really see a plain back there in the sky...

Aubélia Vanneste on Little House Big Light
Wonderful atmosphere in this picture.

Daryl Johnson on Little House Big Light
Beautifully atmospheric.

pascale on Little House Big Light
wonderful foggy atmosphere

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