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Film Noir
23 January 2017

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6 June 2016

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angels and demons
18 April 2016

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25 May 2015

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bird tops
12 January 2015

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surfs out
2 December 2014

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His Sunday Suit
4 July 2014

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two boats
3 May 2014

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urban explorations
23 April 2014

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Tower to the skies.
27 February 2012

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10 February 2012

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Burger - Belgian Style
20 August 2011

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on beers with a story
bien comme de la neige qui tombe

Martine Libouton on beers with a story
Une très belle prise de rue! j'aime !

Ronnie 2¢ on beers with a story
Hope there was not not a sequel to go with them !

yo on something tasty this way comes
Il était avec le gorille de Steven ? :))) /

Steve Rice on something tasty this way comes
Exactly right, Master Yoda.

Shaun on something tasty this way comes
What a little beauty. He deserves a treat.

Ruthiebear on something tasty this way comes
What a precious expression in this beautiful portrait!

Existence Artistique on something tasty this way comes
c'est du bon travail

k@ on wedding pics
I like that, superb !

k@ on why surf when you can fly ?!
Wow 5*****, what a scene with a glorious timing, bravo Jason !

k@ on tunnel of light
Superbly tender.

k@ on solar memory
Love this mood of yours here.

beach on something tasty this way comes
Yes, please.

k@ on something tasty this way comes
Ha ! Sure ;) The tip of a tongue ! Superb light in the eyes too.

omid on festival food (and drink)
Cheers! :)

Steve Rice on festival food (and drink)
Beautiful image of the festival beverage. We have taco trucks here that are pretty good.

Existence Artistique on festival food (and drink)

: Helen : on festival food (and drink)
Shared food and drink is always the convivial part of a day. Hope you enjoyed!

Martine Libouton on festival food (and drink)
A ta santé !! Une belle prise avec une belle PDC

Steve Rice on dreams of daffodils
Lovely tones in this beautiful image.

Existence Artistique on dreams of daffodils
bel effet

Martine Libouton on dreams of daffodils
Superbe lumière ! une très belle prise

Ronnie 2¢ on dreams of daffodils
. . and we cannot help but sense the color, too . .

Steve Rice on parade march (and jump)
Good timing to catch her in flight.

Existence Artistique on parade march (and jump)
Intéressante courbe

Curly on Determination
Sorry for my recent absences from Aminus3, I only have another 50 frames to process then I will be done for a while. ...

Steve Rice on Determination
Super shot of the wild men!

Existence Artistique on Determination

Wayra on Determination
Perfect shot!

Martine Libouton on Determination
Haaaa oui !!! Une belle prise en mouvement

Steve Rice on golden corral
Nice shot of the giants.

B. Thomas on golden corral
I love this shot, and the title made me laugh because there is a restaurant chain in the US called Golden Corral.

Existence Artistique on golden corral
Bien trio

Steve Rice on these memories can't wait
Beautiful light in the darkness.

Existence Artistique on these memories can't wait
Beau ciel

: Helen : on moonlight graze (part II)
Beautifully done! It has stood up well with the ISO @1600 ! Good on you Jason!

Daryl Johnson on moonlight graze (part II)
An excellent frame.

Darkelf Photography on moonlight graze (part II)
Wonderful shot with superb mood and light.

Steve Rice on moonlight graze (part II)
Beautiful blue evening.

Existence Artistique on moonlight graze (part II)

Ruthiebear on moonlight graze (part II)
Fantastic image. I like the composition and the pose of the sheep.

Dimitrios on moonlight graze (part II)

beach on moonlight graze (part II)
Nice shot.

Anita B. on moonlight graze (part II)
Ma gni fique !!!

Martine Libouton on moonlight graze (part II)
Superbe avec cette très belle PDC

fateme@@ on every little thing
Very beautiful.

Steve Rice on behind blue eyes
Totally cool!

Existence Artistique on behind blue eyes
une intéressante recherche

B. Thomas on every little thing
Beautiful image. Love the color.

Steve Rice on every little thing
Lovely capture.

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