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Film Noir
23 January 2017

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6 June 2016

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angels and demons
18 April 2016

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25 May 2015

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bird tops
12 January 2015

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surfs out
2 December 2014

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His Sunday Suit
4 July 2014

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two boats
3 May 2014

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urban explorations
23 April 2014

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Tower to the skies.
27 February 2012

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10 February 2012

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Burger - Belgian Style
20 August 2011

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on autumn swim
bien ces couleurs de cette eau

Joyce on autumn swim
Perfectly wonderful simple but glorious capture. I adore it. 5,ooo stars Jason!

Martine Libouton on autumn swim
Une magnifique composition automnale ! j'aime

Dimitrios on autumn swim
fine ripples**

Darkelf Photography on bringing light to darkness
Sublime bit of work to brings out such super detail and tones. Fine composition and excellent post processing. Love the ...

Steve Rice on bringing light to darkness
Quite beautiful!

Existence Artistique on bringing light to darkness
magnifique ces couleurs

Dimitrios on bringing light to darkness

Gérard on bringing light to darkness
The result is ultimately superb! ....

Martine Libouton on bringing light to darkness
C'est vraiment superbe !!5*

omid on bringing light to darkness
such beautiful composition, colors, lights, reflections & atmosphere! L O V E L Y !!!!!

Anna Cherer on bringing light to darkness
A fairy tale mood with this processing ! Wonderful image !

Ronnie 2¢ on bringing light to darkness
What a strong image this makes . . the limited colors add to the impact.

B. Thomas on towards the gate
This is stunning. I want to go through that gate too.

Steve Rice on towards the gate
Wow, what a scene!

Martine Libouton on towards the gate
Une très belle composition !

Existence Artistique on towards the gate
bon travail

Steve Rice on fire blooms
Wonderful colors and reflections.

Martine Libouton on fire blooms

Yves on fire blooms
Une fusion de couleurs, j'adore c'est magnifique !

Anne on fire blooms

Existence Artistique on fire blooms
belle recherche

Steve Rice on girl power
Cool shot.

Existence Artistique on girl power
belle guitare

B. Thomas on angel and the other
Sweet shot of the cat.

Steve Rice on angel and the other
A cute portrait of the other.

Existence Artistique on angel and the other
c'est du bon travail

Dimitrios on angel and the other
superb, MIAOU.OU.OU

Steve Rice on dangling participle
This is excellent.

manolo on dangling participle
fragile... subtile...

Existence Artistique on dangling participle
belle toile

Ruthiebear on dangling participle
There is something magical abut this one!

Dimitrios on dangling participle
5* all the way.....

Ana Lúcia on dangling participle
Nice capture of some spider's hard work.

omid on dangling participle

Annima on dangling participle

Denny Jump on tastes like pine
I Can't stop laughing!! ;-) This is great Jason ;-)

Babzy on tastes like pine
Funny scene

Steve Rice on tastes like pine
Ha ha!

Martine Libouton on tastes like pine
Drôle ta photo !

Existence Artistique on tastes like pine

Ruthiebear on tastes like pine
How cute! I am guessing this is a puppy who is getting teeth.

Harry on changing seasons
nice effect

Steve Rice on changing seasons
Lovely colors.

B. Thomas on changing seasons
Stunning image.

Dimitrios on changing seasons
a dream picture

Martine Libouton on changing seasons
J'aime beaucoup !

omid on changing seasons
such beautiful composition, focus, DOF, colors & effect! Lovely !!!

Existence Artistique on changing seasons

Joyce on holding pattern
Love this interesting capture. The faces in background so clear look like cardboard prop. Expressions so endearing on ...

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