Jason Kravitz

About Jason Kravitz

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Somewhere in 2003 I had a strange dream about the letter A and the number 3. Not long after, Aminus3.com was born as a website created for a few friends and family to share photos with each other and connect through photography.

Now many years later, Aminus3.com still brings that original idea of connecting through photography from so long ago.

That simple idea of sharing one's unique perspective is to me the foundation of how photography can be transformational both collectively as well as on an individual level.

Since then I worked for nearly two decades in the IT Security industry, as a semi-professional photographer, and as a public speaker sharing new ideas around dreams, photography, and self awareness through imagery.

I believe photography is as much about our inner world as what comes out of the camera. With that in mind, often my approach is to observe what attracts my attention and create images from what is around me.

If you are interested in connecting with others around the world through daily photography, create an account and share some photos.

Photography Equipment

Been using a Panasonic micro four thirds camera(s) of late with a variety of other lens and thingies.

I also have a few Canon bodies and lenses that come out of retirement here and there.