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6 June 2016

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angels and demons
18 April 2016

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25 May 2015

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bird tops
12 January 2015

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surfs out
2 December 2014

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His Sunday Suit
4 July 2014

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two boats
3 May 2014

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urban explorations
23 April 2014

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Tower to the skies.
27 February 2012

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10 February 2012

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Burger - Belgian Style
20 August 2011

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on a splash of color

omid on a splash of color
very nice shot with beautiful angle, composition, focus, DOF, colors & lights! lovely tulips!

Shahin Bahremand on a splash of color

Steve Rice on a splash of color
Beautiful tulips!

Nazzareno on a splash of color
Magnifique avec une belle lumière.

Frances on a splash of color
This is a superb image. Excellent color and detail.

martine Libouton on a splash of color
Une très belle PDC et transparence!!

L'Angevine on ripply marsh
superbe ces reflets

Steve Rice on ripply marsh
Beautiful reflections.

Jason Kravitz on ripply marsh
thanks Amir

AMIR BABA on ripply marsh

Ehsan Hemmati on ripply marsh
I like the composition,reflections,mood. great

: Helen : on ripply marsh
Lovely interplay between the light and the reflections. This looks like my pond. Is it?

L'Angevine on minimal migration

Daryl Johnson on minimal migration
Very dramatic, love the forms and textures in the clouds in b/w.

Steve Rice on minimal migration
They seem to be on the circle route.

: Helen : on minimal migration
What an amazing sky. Very eye-catching photograph!

martine Libouton on minimal migration
Superbe ce ciel!!!!

L'Angevine on waiting for the cycle

Denny Jump Photo on waiting for the cycle
What a cool shot...That Church is HUGE!!

Steve Rice on waiting for the cycle
The big church behind them looks quite ominous.

beach on waiting for the cycle
Or the sermon was too hot, so they came outside.

L'Angevine on little white house
bien ce ciel

Daryl Johnson on little white house
It has a dream-like quality... I do like that house!

Steve Rice on little white house
Strange and cool.

Denny Jump Photo on little white house
What a cool shot! :-)

: Helen : on little white house
Love the panning effect. Nice job!

k@ on little white house
The slow shutter speed and the angle offer a real mystery here.

Daryl Johnson on cross walk
Very cool, nicely captured.

L'Angevine on cross walk

Steve Rice on cross walk
Ha ha, a ghost!

Ronnie 2¢ on cross walk
Sometimes, whole days can look like this !

: Helen : on cross walk
Wow. I love the phantom figure effect. It is amazing that you are playing with speed and panning. I am doing the ...

Anne on cross walk

Steve Rice on house of worship
Interesting light and shadow.

L'Angevine on spectator

martine Libouton on house of worship
J'adore très belle ta photo!!

Steve Rice on spectator
A cool street shot.

L'Angevine on pantastic voyage

omid on pantastic voyage

Steve Rice on pantastic voyage
Approaching light speed!

: Helen : on pantastic voyage
Wow! You have captured the impression of speed in this one!

L'Angevine on spectators

B. Thomas on spectators
Ghost riders speeding by. Nice action.

Steve Rice on spectators
A fine shot of the action and inaction.

martine Libouton on spectators
Magnifique scène en mouvement

L'Angevine on coot world

Emilio Garcia on coot world
Beautiful and interesting scene, so peaceful and natural and the contrasting reflected structure of a home nearby.

Steve Rice on coot world
An upside down place!

Tomix on happy wandelen
Lovely silhouettes!

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