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surfs out
2 December 2014

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His Sunday Suit
4 July 2014

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into the trees part 2
10 June 2014

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orb of orange
9 May 2014

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two boats
3 May 2014

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30 April 2014

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urban explorations
23 April 2014

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Tower to the skies.
27 February 2012

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10 February 2012

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2000th Image
12 October 2011

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Burger - Belgian Style
20 August 2011

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Cretan Palms
21 August 2006

Recent Comments

Martine Libouton on motion detector
Superbe effet de mouvement capté! j'aime beaucoup! Superbe B&W

L'Angevine on motion detector
superbe cette main

Steve Rice on motion detector
Cool shot.

Baldwin Vandewalle on motion detector
Beautifully composed image and excellent capture of the movement ...

L'Angevine on in sync

Maxine on in sync
Really good image. love the blur of movement, just enough to still see the face.

Martine Libouton on in sync
Superbe effet de filé

beach on in sync
good work on the panning.

Helen on in sync! Nice shot!

L'Angevine on stars
bon bokeh

Steve Rice on in sync
A cool action image.

Steve Rice on stars
A wonderful abstract.

Martine Libouton on stars
Superbe abstrait

L'Angevine on hairline
intéressante ligne

Dimitrios on stars
well done Jason, very imaginative, remember to post a selfie on the 25th, regards D

parviz Falahatkar on stars
excellent...! it,s great....

Steve Rice on hairline
Cool lights.

Steve Rice on the vibration of sound
Cool colors.

L'Angevine on the vibration of sound
oh que j'adore ces couleurs et aussi le cadrage ,bravo

Behrooz on hairline

Martine Libouton on hairline
Superbe j'adore ce B&W!!!!

Shaahin Bahremand on the vibration of sound
good shot

Adela Fonts on the vibration of sound
I can hear it ... magnificent "sound"

Ruthiebear on the vibration of sound
The dynamic color creates the sound in this!!! WOnderful!

Sergei Z on the vibration of sound
Great colors!

L'Angevine on sunset tree
superbe ce cadrage

Steve Rice on sunset tree
A cool shot through the fence.

Ruthiebear on sunset tree
I like how you focused on the fence and the tree appears dreamlike

Shaahin Bahremand on sunset tree
good shot

L'Angevine on face in the crowd
tout pour me plaire dans ce cliché,génial

Steve Rice on face in the crowd
A fine shot of this fellow.

Steve Rice on 100 year old soup
A fine shot and cool idea.

Steve Rice on an orange a day keeps the scurvy away
A pretty still-life.

Ruthiebear on face in the crowd
LOVE the focus - you have also captured the character in this portrait

Dimitrios on face in the crowd
a fine close up

Martine Libouton on face in the crowd
Superbe cadrage!

L'Angevine on 100 year old soup
oh que j'adore

Ruthiebear on 100 year old soup
I like the focus on the hands

Tataze on 100 year old soup
c'est toujours bon une bonne soupe

Marym on an orange a day keeps the scurvy away
Love the colors of the bowl and the oranges, look wonderful together....Love the light as well...a very pleasing image ...

Martine Libouton on 100 year old soup
Une très belle idée pour cet anniversaire! Un très bel hommage! un super cadrage!

L'Angevine on an orange a day keeps the scurvy away

Atreyee on 100 year old soup
good shot

k@ on the shepherds dog
Love the focus and this dog, whole !

Ruthiebear on an orange a day keeps the scurvy away
The warm light makes them look very inviting.

Adela Fonts on an orange a day keeps the scurvy away
Stunning texture and light!

Martine Libouton on an orange a day keeps the scurvy away
Superbe lumière sur ta nature morte!! J'aime beaucoup!

Joyce on the shepherds dog
Who 'nose' how loving and loyal and smart he is.

L'Angevine on the shepherds dog
superbe ce bout de nez

Steve Rice on the shepherds dog
Cool dog and photo.

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