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29 December 2007

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2000th Image
12 October 2011

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into the trees part 2
10 June 2014

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orb of orange
9 May 2014

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little explorer
7 May 2014

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two boats
3 May 2014

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30 April 2014

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urban explorations
23 April 2014

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Tower to the skies.
27 February 2012

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10 February 2012

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Bad Boy
20 January 2012

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2000th Image
12 October 2011

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Burger - Belgian Style
20 August 2011

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Cretan Palms
21 August 2006

Recent Comments

Daryl Johnson on shine
An evocative capture.

Helen on shine
Oh wow, this has really captured a moooood!

Langevine on shine

Steve Rice on shine
An interesting silhouette before the shine.

Langevine on summertime in Wroclaw

Steve Rice on summertime in Wroclaw
Whoops, on the left. The red building with cream trim.

Steve Rice on summertime in Wroclaw
A pretty summer street scene. I like the architecture on the right.

Doug on summertime in Wroclaw
I like how you captured this, it has a wonderful relaxed feel

Langevine on 22:01

Steve Rice on 22:01
Skateboarding well into the night. Cool capture.

Martine on 22:01
Une très belle scène de rue! j'aime beaucoup

Langevine on puppy class

Steve Rice on puppy class
A cool shot of all these dogs and their friends.

Elaine Hancock on puppy class
This is too cute! Gorgeous light and shadow. The big trees are fantastic! Looks like they have a lot to learn ( or ...

Sue-Ann on puppy class
great big trees, the dogs walk, happily the trail is wide. great scene.

Ruthiebear on puppy class
This made me smile! My favorite is the little one looking back at YOU!!!

Langevine on coot time
superbe ce vert et bleu

Steve Rice on coot time
Wow, this is lovely!

Ruthiebear on coot time
A magical image - love the rippled water and the circle around the coot

Martine Libouton on coot time
Superbe j'aime beaucoup la texture de l'eau!!!

Langevine on eye test
curieuse de voir ce qu'elle a bien pu prendre en photos

claudie on coot time
Un beau plan d'eau qui frétille !!!! une belle transparence de fond comme j'aime !!!!

Steve Rice on eye test
Ha ha, very clever shot.

Daryl Johnson on eye test
Surely that's cheating if you use a zoom lens...!

Ruthiebear on eye test
What a find - a brilliant way to get people to take a closer look!

Sue-Ann on eye test
A good way to get customers inside, I don't see much...

Joyce on hands on the goya
Well that's an interesting activity and a really cool B&W comp. Hands are so beautiful with a map of many ...

Joyce on dew drops
I love this dew capture. Is that your reflection in the one on the right?

Martine Libouton on eye test
Une très belle scène de rue!

Langevine on street lamp
excellent ce cadrage et ce contre-jour,bravo

omid on street lamp
wooooow! very nice shot! such beautiful frame, tones, lighting & atmosphere! Lovely birds!

Ronnie 2¢ on street lamp
That is one beautifully seen, captured and presented street lamp ! Makes for a lovely image.

Ruthiebear on street lamp
Lovely atmosphere created by the light - really shows off the shapely light post

Vaido on Spectators
Wonderful catch :)

Vaido on street lamp
Nice mood and lovely pattern in the silhouette.

Martine Libouton on street lamp
Superbe composition!! j'aime beaucoup cette photo! le ciel est très beau

Langevine on Delikatesy

Mamyni on Delikatesy
Belle scène de nuit! Lumière très bien maîtrisée. J'aime beaucoup.

claudie on His Sunday Suit
Un très bel homme !!!!!!!!!! très beau noir et blanc .

Martine Libouton on Delikatesy
Une très belle composition! j'aime beaucoup!

Helen on two scouts
This is such a great candid Jason! Well spotted. Doesn't it feel so good when things just .... come together ...

Langevine on two scouts
oh génial

Steve Rice on two scouts
They have the territory covered. Two sharp-eyed characters.

k@ on two scouts
What is so excellent here is that none looks at you. Superb scene and off-screen double pair of eyes.

Ruthiebear on two scouts
Once in a while we are given a gift to photograph. You have experienced such a moment. This is a wonderful image of ...

Langevine on dew drops

Steve Rice on dew drops
Nice capture.

Ruthiebear on dew drops
I am always fascinated by droplets - these look like sparkles of light

Mamyni on dew drops
Il y an a une qui fait loupe et c'est très beau. La photo sous la pluie a aussi son charme, encore faut-il ...

claudie on Spectators
Une belle qualité de noir et blanc !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! très beau !!!!!!!

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